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Actors will learn to live truthfully moment to moment and bring authenticity to their work. You will find artistic intimacy learning to listen and respond to your partner. You can discover courage you didn’t know you possessed and learn to fully experience yourself and those around you. Listening and responding truthfully to another actor moment to moment is the basic foundation of all acting. 

The bootcamp will be an intensive learning experience that will provide you crucial tools to be a more competitive actor in a most demanding marketplace. Each four day segment of the bootcamp will consist of 36 hours of instruction and rehearsal. The traditional Meisner class work will be accelerated and condensed over the course of the boot camp.

The boot camp consists of four segments total. Students can register for all four segments or choose to participate in the segments of their choice. Actors sign up for one segment at a time. The first four day segment runs April 21 & 22  and 28 & 29. Early Bird discount prior to March 23rd is $475.00. The cost is $495.00 after March 23rd.  Paypal deposit of $200 and $295 due at first class also available. Seating is limited.. Register through PayPal below. An email confirmation will be sent upon receipt of registration  


“Life beats down on our souls and theatre reminds us that we have one. At least the type of theatre that I’m interested in; that is, theatre that moves an audience. You have the opportunity to literally impact the lives of people if they work on material that has integrity. But today, most actors simply want to be famous. Well, being an actor was never supposed to be about fame and money. Being an actor is a religious calling because you’ve been given the ability, the gift to inspire humanity.”

~ Sanford Meisner

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