Sanford Meisner Bootcamp Series


The bootcamp series will be an  intensive learning experience that will provide you crucial tools to be a more skilled and competitive actor in a most demanding marketplace. 

Actors will learn to live truthfully moment to moment and bring authenticity to their work. You will find artistic intimacy learning to listen and respond to your partner. You can discover courage you didn’t know you possessed and learn to fully experience yourself and those around you. Listening and responding truthfully to another actor moment to moment is the basic foundation of all acting. The workshop series will also explore the fundamentals of script analysis and translating acting choices into strong vivid behavior.  

 The  four day bootcamp will consist of 36 hours of instruction and rehearsal. The two day bootcamp will be 18 hours of instruction. Traditional Meisner class work will be accelerated and condensed over the course of the bootcamp. The series is suitable for new actors as well as established  actors needing to “work out”

The next four day bootcamp will be in August. Check back in July for dates. Seating for the class  is limited. Register through PayPal below. An email confirmation will be sent upon receipt of registration.

The next two day Bootcamp will be in August.  Check back in July for dates. Seating is limited. Register through PayPal below. An email confirmation will be sent upon receipt of registration.

 Four Day Bootcamp

Two Day Bootcamp

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